PopUp 5K COVID-19 Protocol

General Overview

The capacity is limited to 150 total participants at the current Phase 2.5 level of a maxim of 50

gathered at one time. This plan will be utilized to ensure that we meet all of the State of North

Carolina, CDC and local requirements regarding social distancing and hygienic best practices

ensuring the safety of our racers, volunteers, and staff. We will utilize a waved start at the rate

of 16 people per 15 minutes to ensure that all distancing requirements are met. If the State has

moved to Phase 3 and increased the outdoor gathering limit, we will increase the number of

starts per 15 minute wave. There will be hand sanitizer dispensers at all check-in areas,

check-out areas, and aid stations available to everyone.

Volunteers and Staff

  • Junction 311 Endurance Sports will limit the number of staff and volunteers on-site to only those needed to provide basic racing services.

  • All volunteers and staff will be required to wear a mask/face covering when they are within eight feet of any other person.

  • They will also be required to wear gloves for activities that require touching anything to be transferred between persons, included but not limited to, packaged food or drink, bibs or giveaway items.

  • Each volunteer/staff member will be trained as to the best practices and processes that are in place for this event and for their specific tasks.

  • All staff and volunteers will be subject to screening prior to their shift which includes documenting each person’s body temperature and signing of a waiver stating they have not had any symptoms nor been around anyone that is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Anyone that has a temperature of 100 degrees F or higher or is unable to complete the waiver will be sent home.

Runner Arrival & Check-In

  • Runners are required to select specific wave arrival and start times, set up in our registration system at 15-minute intervals. Any runner that does not choose a start time will be assigned a start time.

  • Runners are the only ones allowed to enter the race area, no friends or family.

  • All runner paths within the designated meeting area will be marked with indicating the direction they can proceed AND will be at least 8 feet apart to maintain social distancing.

  • Runners should not come to or approach the entrance until their scheduled wave start time.

  • Procedures at the COVID-19 Symptom Screening Station

    • Runners will execute the COVID-19 participant waiver

    • Non-contact temperature check, if 100 degrees F or above runner will not be

    • allowed to participate